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Eco-Friendly Waste Disposal in Sittingbourne

Recycling has become a huge part of our lives. From checking rubbish before throwing it away to lining up bins with different coloured lids, correct waste disposal is now a priority. The pressure to recycle correctly is multiplied when it comes to large skip hire projects. Whatever the size of your Sittingbourne job, Medway Skip Hire has a wide selection of cheap skips available to provide you with a peace-of-mind waste management service.


Responsible waste disposal is of paramount importance to the skip hire industry and is central to our own ethos. This is why we pride ourselves on recycling up to 90% of the waste that returns to our headquarters in Lower Shorne.


Through this commitment to ethical recycling and waste management, we prevent a great deal of material from reaching landfill sites in or around the Sittingbourne area – but we’re always working hard to improve!

What Happens to the Waste | Put in my Skip?

When a project is finished, one of the vehicles in our fleet will come and remove the skip from your Sittingbourne property. Upon returning to our facility, the waste management process begins. The first step toward ethical skip hire and waste disposal is to hand-sort the material inside our cheap skips into piles that require different methods of recycling. This sorting is carried out according to material, and helps us to separate waste into metal, wood, plastics, aggregates and similar recyclable categories.


Please bear in mind that hazardous waste can only be disposed of by following strict guidelines. We are more than happy to discuss these particular waste management options with you, so please contact us on 01634 271945 and talk to a friendly member of staff.


After screening, waste derived from our skip hire services is treated as per the guidelines set out by fully-licensed recycling centres in the Sittingbourne area. For example, furniture made from wood is shredded and redistributed to manufacturers who will use it to create chipboard for the construction of new products.


Similarly, garden waste from our cheap skips, such as tree remnants and hedge clippings, are pulped and mixed into compost. Regardless of what the material is, we always aim to put it back into use as a benefit not only to Sittingbourne, but the surrounding areas too.


The final stage of the recycling process is to send all recyclable and non-recyclable materials to a waste transfer station approved by the Environment Agency. Every step of the way, Medway Skip Hire maintains a professional, ethical stance on waste disposal and helps play a vital role in maintaining a healthier environment.


Recycling is a cost-effective form of waste management. The savings we make by reducing the amount of material transferred to landfill sites play a pivotal part in keeping the cost of our cheap skips down – a fundamental benefit for our valued Sittingbourne customers.


Responsible waste management benefits from Medway Skip Hire include:

  • Current recycling rates of up to 90% and rising
  • Ethical waste disposal for a healthy environment
  • Recycling keeps the prices of our cheap skips low
  • Facilities are approved by the Environment Agency

To discuss responsible waste management and recycling services in Sittingbourne, call 01634 271945.

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(01634) 271945

(01634) 713700

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Monday-Friday 8.00-18.00

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