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Skip hire is one of the most versatile, affordable waste management solutions around. The cheap skips that we rent to clients in the Canterbury area aid in everything from property extensions and refurbishments, to garden maintenance, demolitions and house/office clearances. But there are some items which legally require a different means of waste disposal.

That’s the subject of this article: what can and can’t go be disposed of via skip hire. More interested in booking cheap skips right this very second? We urge prospective clients in the Canterbury area to call our friendly team directly on 01634 271 945. We’ll tailor our waste disposal and waste management services to you; at Medway Skip Hire, there’s no such thing as one size fits all!

What Can & Can’t Go in Skips


Our cheap skips are ideal for Canterbury clients needing to dispose of building waste, garden waste, food, polystyrene, furniture and even (surprisingly) most electrical items. Gas cookers can even go via skip hire! Electrical items which will require an alternative waste management / waste disposal solution include fridges and freezers. We’ll cart these off and screen them so they can undergo the appropriate recycling processes; at Medway Skip Hire, we’re exceptionally green minded.


The following items are a strict no go, however – and you may need an alternative to our cheap skips! Asbestos, batteries, chemicals, light bulbs and tubes, oils, paints, liquids generally, plasterboard, tyres, all clinical waste, anything designated toxic, solvents and, perhaps unsurprisingly, explosives, cannot go via skip hire. However, we provide waste management and waste disposal solutions, on top of our recycling services, to deal with these on behalf of Canterbury clients. So don’t fret!

Whatever aspect of skip hire, waste management or recycling you require – call Medway Skip Hire on 01634 271 945. We cover Canterbury and all surrounding locales.