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One material that many clients are surprised that they can’t dispose of via skip hire is plasterboard. What makes it different from general construction materials, green waste and even furniture – all of which can be thrown in our cheap skips, available in Deal and all surrounding areas. That’s the subject of this page: helping our clients figure out the appropriate waste management and recycling solution for plasterboard.

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The Problem With Plasterboard

Not too long ago, plasterboard could be disposed of via skip hire, and simply thrown in with everything else for waste disposal. But then it came to light, thanks to scientific research, that materials containing sulphate were to blame for hydrogen sulphide gas emissions emerging from land fill. The resulting decision from the Environmental Agency, put into action in 2009, was that waste management, recycling and waste disposal firms would be prohibited from sending plasterboard to landfill. Instead, it would need to head to specialist plasterboard recycling centres. Medway Skip Hire is in contact with these centres to ensure we can provide a well-rounded waste management service to clients in Deal and its surrounds.

Does That Make it Dangerous?

Don’t panic! In the vast majority of situations the sulphate in plasterboards is not a risk to your health. The danger arises when sulphate-rich substances break down in landfills, surrounded by other mixed waste types that expedite the process. So if you’re working with plasterboard in the Deal area, you can put your mind at rest…

Proper Disposal

So if you can’t simply chuck plasterboard in to our cheap skips along with everything else, what do you do? We’d recommend a second skip, if there’s enough plasterboard to warrant it. This way you’ve got a waste disposal solution purely targeting the plasterboard, and it can be taken to the appropriate recycling facility. With smaller amounts of plasterboard, you may wish to collect it in a heavyweight waste bag and contact the council to find out about local plasterboard waste disposal solutions in the Deal area. Unsure what to do? Contact Medway Skip Hire, and we’ll be able to provide tailored advice.

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