The Perfect Waste Disposal Option – Our Skip Hire in Dover | Medway Skip Hire

While booking skip hire is a straightforward process – especially compared to many other waste disposal, waste management and recycling options – there are still a few considerations you should keep in mind before going ahead with it. On this page, Medway Skip Hire has run over three of the most burning questions that Dover clients should ask before booking our cheap skips.

What to Consider When Arranging Skip Hire

What do I need to dispose of?

Not everything can be disposed of via skip hire, and other waste disposal, waste management or recycling solutions may need to be considered. The full list of banned materials is extensive, and includes plasterboard (when placed with other materials), asbestos, gas cylinders, paints, oils and solvents and many electrical items. If you’re looking to get our cheap skips to help out at a site in Dover, and are unsure whether particular materials can be thrown in, don’t hesitate to call our friendly team. We’ll be happy to provide clarification.

How big should my skip be?

The second core question applies to all waste disposal, waste management and recycling situations. After all, a too small receptacle can slow down the project you’re working on and lead to extra charges, as the skip will quickly need to be collected and taken away; too large and you may find you’re paying extra for something you’re not using – making even cheap skips start to cost too much! So consider the nature of the work in detail. You may also find that speaking with any trades you’ve brought on for a development or landscaping project in Dover will be helpful, as they can provide a decent “guesstimate” over the amount of waste you’ll be dealing with.

Where can I put my skip?

This is an important question as it dictates whether you will need to secure a skip hire permit or not. If you have a driveway or front garden, these are typically chosen for skip placement. But if you don’t space on your own private land, we can secure a permit from Dover’s local authority for our cheap skips – so don’t worry! We just need to know ahead of time so we can make the application before our team turn up on the day.

If you have any other questions whatsoever, contact the Medway Skip Hire team on (01634) 271 945 or (01634) 713 700. We’re one of the best options out there for cheap skips in Dover.