The Discerning Client’s Choice for Skip Hire in Faversham

We’re midway through 2019 as we’re writing this, and one thing is clearer than ever before – the environment is in a state of crisis, and every government, company and individual needs to be doing all they can to help. At Medway Skip Hire, the Faversham area’s favoured skip hire, waste management and waste disposal firm, we’re proud to be doing our bit, by ensuring every bit of waste we collect is carefully screened and undergoes the appropriate recycling process. Our cheap skips and the recycling we enable prevent waste going to landfill sites in and around Faversham, which is a big point of pride for us!

While most reading this will all be well aware of the key reasons why it’s essential to embrace recycling, we thought it would do no harm to go over them anyway – after all, it’s easy to get caught up in doing something just because it’s routine! If you’re currently in need of cheap skips in Faversham, cut right to the chase and call our waste management and waste disposal specialists on 01634 271 945. We’ll tailor our skip hire to your individual requirements.

Why Commit to Recycling Your Waste?


By recycling paper and wood you save trees and forests; recycling plastic reduces demand for new products and keeps oil in the ground; recycling metals reduces mining and extraction of ore; recycling glass keeps the rapidly diminishing quantity of global sand nice and steady. If you’re staging a development, refurbishment, house clear out, garden fix-up or similar job around Faversham, then our skip hire is an extremely affordable way to achieve the above! Far more so than other waste management and waste disposal solutions.


Many species are dying out and certain ecosystems are on their last legs, both in Faversham and around the UK/world at large. By choosing recycling over traditional waste disposal methods (landfill), you help in the fight to preserve our co-residents on this earth.


…that’s not to mention how recycling helps our fellow human beings and the environments in which they live. After all, waste is often dumped in far off lands and we don’t see the direct and negative impact it has on people’s day-to-day lives.


Gathering the aforementioned natural resources and processing them to create new commodities is extremely intensive when it comes to energy usage. This leads to huge amounts of carbon emissions, and destruction to the o-zone layer. Whether it’s employing a few cheap skips from Medway Skip Hire to recycle some unwanted household junk, or as an effective waste management solution for a development project and alternative to traditional waste disposal, we can work together to keep our carbon footprints as small as possible.

To use our waste management and waste disposal solutions in your recycling efforts, call Medway Skip Hire on 01634 271 945. We serve Faversham and its surrounds.