Benefits of Skip Hire in Gillingham

From home improvements to commercial and industrial construction, there are building and clearance projects, large and small, throughout the Gillingham area. As our previously satisfied customers will testify, Medway Skip Hire offers a wide range of cheap skips, in a multitude of sizes, to fit your waste management needs. Whether you’re finally getting around to a house clearance, landscaping the garden or overseeing a new build, waste disposal and recycling will be the least of your worries.

The benefits of our cheap skips stretch far beyond waste management. By taking advantage of our professional skip hire service, you can save time, effort and money as well as playing a vital part in aiding the environment and increasing the safety of your project in Gillingham.

Saving Time and Money

In a world where leisure time is growing increasingly precious, anything that helps save an hour or two is very welcome. By using our skip hire service, the waste disposal aspect of your job simplifies, allowing you to enjoy more of your own time after a day of hard work. With one of our cheap skips on your Gillingham property, it’s as simple as placing the waste inside, moving on and leaving Medway Skip Hire to take care of the recycling.

For bigger jobs, there’s no need to hire out additional vehicles or specialist equipment at your own expense. Smaller projects won’t be slowed by continually loading up the car to make multiple trips to the amenity tip. All you need to do is fill the skip and let us take care of the waste management, waste disposal and recycling processes.

One of our cheap skips is all you need to get the job done.

Environmentally Friendly

Ethical recycling of waste products has become a cornerstone of skip hire. Here at Medway Skip Hire, our current waste management and recycling methods result in as much as 90% of returned materials being successfully recycled. Our highly trained and experienced team of hand sorters sift through returned waste, separating it into piles for specialised recycling.

Medway Skip Hire are experts in waste disposal. We only work with fully-licensed recycling plants, approved by the Environment Agency, and authorised waste transfer stations in the Gillingham area. With one of our cheap skips, all concerns about lawful waste disposal are taken out of your hands, giving you more opportunity to appreciate the time you save.

Domestic and Commercial Site Safety

Clearance and construction sites, both domestic and commercial, can be dangerous places. With machinery in use, cables on the floor, pots of paint and buckets of cement here and there, it’s imperative to maximise the safety of your project in Gillingham. By utilising one of our cheap skips, the waste disposal and waste management aspects of your job immediately becomes safer.

Whether your waste materials are glass, metal, cement or wood-based, you can rest assured that once they’re in one of our cheap skips, that’s the last time you’ll need to handle them. When your project is complete and the potential hazards of broken and leaking items are at their highest, disposal and recycling will only be a matter of concern for Medway Skip Hire, our highly-trained staff and nobody else.

As waste disposal experts, we will safely and hygienically dispose of the materials derived from our cheap skips, leaving customers in Gillingham to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

To talk over the benefits of skip hire in Gillingham, call 01634 271 945.