Affordable Skip Hire in Rainham | Medway Skip Hire

Skip hire is an incredibly versatile means of handling waste management and recycling, meaning there are all sorts of reasons our Rainham clients call us in. Many of these clients – especially our trade clients – regularly opt for our cheap skips as their waste disposal solution of choice; others are DIY'ers who have never hired a skip before.

Below, we’ve listed a few of the types of project we help with, so if you’re in the latter category, you might stumble across this page and the premier provider of cheap skips in Rainham – Medway Skip Hire. For a quote, simply call (01634) 271 945 or (01634) 713 700.

Projects That Can Benefit from Skip Hire

New Driveways – Digging up an old driveway and disposing of everything generated can be a challenge without the aid of skip hire. Other waste disposal methods aren’t as flexible, e.g wait and load services. Your landscapers will likely take some time to ensure your new driveway is built to a high standard, so having a skip they can fill as they go along is far more ideal than the short-term nature of other means of waste management available in Rainham.

Garden Clear Outs – If you’re looking to overhaul your garden due to a change in seasons, or because you’ve moved into a new property in Rainham which desperately needs some green thumbed TLC, you’ll need to think out your approach to waste disposal. The sheer amount of organic waste, like grass, soil and branches, could otherwise quickly overwhelm you. Luckily, our smaller, cheap skips ensure you can get the task done without breaking the bank!

Renovations – Property renovations and similar residential developments can kick up a wide variety of waste materials, from bricks and wall paper, to unwanted fixtures. Skip hire is the ideal waste management solution for these kinds of project, as they can take many different types of waste. However, we do recommend Rainham residents check to see what is allowed and what isn’t allowed in our skips, as some materials (such as plasterboard and anything that is environmentally hazardous), may need to be disposed of via alternate means of recycling / waste disposal.

Removals – In Rainham and gearing up for a move? You might find there’s a healthy amount of “stuff” to get rid of. For some, a few trips to the charity shop might suffice. Others will find there’s far too much in need of recycling or waste disposal for that to be a viable option. Consider skip hire, which also gives the benefit that you can take a “steady as she goes” approach, rather than rush the clear out.

For cheap skips in Rainham or any surrounding area, give our team of waste disposal veterans a call on (01634) 271 945 or (01634) 713 700.