Taking the Safety of Domestic Skip Hire in Rochester Seriously

After you have ordered one of our cheap skips for your project, you can expect a prompt, on-time delivery to your Rochester property. Regardless of all factors at hand, Medway Skip Hire strives to ensure the utmost safety for those involved in your waste disposal project. Domestic waste management and recycling jobs are not bound by the same stringent guidelines as commercial sites, but that does not mean safety is any less important.

Before you take delivery of one of our cheap skips, you must properly prepare your chosen site. Safe skip hire starts with flat, firm ground. Not only will this reduce the risk of our cheap skips sinking, but it also allows easier access for our vehicles when picking up and dropping off at your Rochester property. For similar reasons, the access route to your chosen site should be free of obstacles. By covering these basics, the waste management and recycling aspects of your project are guaranteed a smooth start.

On-site Skip Safety Advice

With one of our cheap skips on your chosen Rochester site, the waste disposal and recycling can finally begin. We understand that you may want to finish this part of the job as swiftly as possible, but a little forethought can save a lot of time and hassle later on.

For best waste disposal and recycling practice, it’s important to load heavier items into our cheap skips first, with lighter items following on top. Any finer materials will naturally fill the spaces between. Regardless of what it is you’re lifting, it’s imperative to lift and load sensibly. Bend your knees when lifting and never handle a weight that you can’t control.

By following these basic guidelines you can make efficient use of your skip hire, allowing you maximum time to finish your Rochester-based project.

If these waste management procedures are not followed, there is a higher risk of the materials inside our cheap skips subsiding or, worse still, toppling over completely. Needless to say, this greatly increases your risk of injury. At Medway Skip Hire, the safety of anyone involved in waste management and recycling jobs in Rochester, and the surrounding areas, is paramount.

As the waste disposal and recycling continues, and the material in our cheap skips grows, it’s vital that you remember not to overfill. This is a matter of law. Fortunately, the protocol is simple: the material inside must not be filled higher than the sides of the cheap skips. If it is, our driver cannot legally transport it from your Rochester site to our waste management facility in Lower Shorne. This could require greater expenditure on your part for the additional waste disposal, and nobody wants that.

This is why it is vital to choose the correct skip hire option from the outset.

Furthermore, it is imperative that you do not burn any of the material in one of our cheap skips. Needless to say, this is against the law, incredibly dangerous, and it could be a matter of concern for both the emergency services and the Environment Agency.

It is also vitally important that hazardous materials are not placed in any of our cheap skips. These materials are dangerous and, while we do have hazardous waste disposal and recycling procedures in place, these need to be discussed beforehand. This will ensure that waste disposal on your Rochester property remains safe, and the staff at Medway Skip Hire are less likely to encounter any harmful surprises.

We are an ethical company with a proud stance on responsible waste disposal and recycling. If you’re in any doubt about waste management, leave it to us — it’s what we do best!

For more information on our skip hire and waste management options in Rochester, call us on 01634 271 945.