Affordable & Reliable Skip Hire in Sittingbourne

Welcome to the latest post from the Medway Skip Hire team. We’ve recently been focusing our attentions on the Sittingbourne area, which we provide with services including skip hire, recycling, waste disposal and other forms of waste management. We’re pleased to hear word is travelling fast concerning our high standard of customer service, and how great an option we are for cheap skips!

Below, we’ve run through a few of the different ways our most recent Sittingbourne clients have made use of our skip hire services. If you’re looking to book cheap skips for immediate delivery, or wish to discuss other waste management and waste disposal (recycling) options we have available – feel free to skip the below and call us directly on 01634 271 945.

3 Ways Our Skip Hire Can Help Sittingbourne Residents

Extensions & Refurbishments – Skip hire is essential for development work like extensions and refurbishments; the project would move at a snail’s pace if you had to keep ferrying carloads of waste between your property and the nearest Sittingbourne tip! Cheap skips keep costs down, and are the ideal waste management solution in these situations as you can fill it up as you go, and call us to take it away for recycling, leaving you with an empty vessel to repeat the process over again.

Garden Clearances – Has your garden got a bit overgrown? Once you get to cutting back plants, hedges and trees, swapping out soils and similar maintenance tasks – you’ll notice that you’re generating a huge amount of green waste. Skip hire can deal with this, and as in the above scenarios, keep you from experiencing unnecessary down time. We’ll ensure that Sittingbourne client’s green waste undergoes the proper recycling procedure, putting our experience in the waste management and waste disposal industry to good use!

Removals & Spring Cleaning – Whether you’re moving to a new property and need to clear out your existing one before handing over the keys, or you’re simply looking to free up space and get rid of unwanted items, our cheap skips are perfect. While there are certain items you are prohibited from disposing of via skip hire (a brief search online will detail these), old furniture, toys, DVDs, books, CDs and similar things that tend to get forgotten about are all fair game – making this the ideal waste management and waste disposal solution for Sittingbourne clients with clutter to dispense of!

Looking for a reputable skip hire provider in the Sittingbourne area? Call our friendly team of waste management specialists right away on (01634) 271 945.