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We’re back again with another Medway Skip Hire blog post. This time we’ve collected a few different questions we’ve received from clients in the Chatham area – one of our principal areas of coverage – and looked to provide some decisive answers! But if you have a query not featured here, or wish to book in skip hire from one of Chatham’s most reputable local options, simply pick up the phone and give us a call on (01634) 271 945 or (01634) 713 700.

Some More Common Questions, Answered

What determines skip hire pricing?

The amount we charge Chatham clients for skip hire depends on a lot of different factors; it’s far from a number plucked out the air! Overheads such as the cost of purchasing and maintaining a fleet of HGVs, the price of the skips themselves, vehicle insurance, Public and Employer’s Liability Insurance schemes, training and wages of staff, fuel costs, landfill taxes and recycling costs all add up. Once these have been taken into account, we look to make our work profitable, while also ensuring we offer the competitive prices for skip hire you’ll find in Chatham or its surrounds.

How do I make sure I find a good skip hire company?

You should be checking to ensure the company are licenced waste handlers, and asking about what happens to the waste collected: the firm you sound out should be eager to explain how they maximise recycling and minimise the amount of waste that heads to landfill. At least, this is how Medway Skip Hire operates. Another way to find reputable and trustworthy skip hire companies active in the Chatham area is asking friends or associates you trust, or reading online reviews. At Medway Skip Hire, we’re proud of our fantastic reputation and take great measures to maintain it!

Will a skip hire company take away my skip if it’s just slightly over the fill line?

Unfortunately there’s simply no wiggle room here: it’s against the law. We’d recommend Chatham clients remove the excess waste and place it into a safe receptacle to bring the level down, which will then enable our skip hire professionals to take away the rest; we could then resupply you with an empty skip if you’re due another round of waste.

How quickly can you collected my skip?

We aim to provide same or next day collection and delivery, depending on the time you call. Despite this, we’d urge Chatham clients to inform us slightly ahead of time, before their skip is full (if removal is urgent or a wait could cause delay to subsequent stages of a project). This will ensure we have staff and a vehicle available to collect right away (we can get rather busy so last minute requests can’t always be immediately dealt with).

If you have a different query or wish to book in skip hire for a Chatham project, whether it be a clear-out or property development, call us on (01634) 271 945 or (01634) 713 700.