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For the inaugural post in our blog series, we thought it’d be a good idea to address past, present and future clients and provide some expert tips on reducing household waste. After all, as a waste management company, Medway Skip Hire’s ultimate goal is to ensure that residents and companies calling Medway their home can responsibly manage any and all waste accumulated.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how well you push to reduce waste, there’s simply a lot of it and skip hire is the obvious solution. If this your situation – for example you’re about to invest in a property development, or you’re undertaking a big garden renovation project – don’t hesitate to call the Medway Skip Hire team on (01634) 271945 or (01634) 713700. We’ll ensure you can get a skip hire solution tailored to your needs!

4 Ways to Reduce Your Household Waste

Avoid Products With Excess Packaging – Writing this post, the year’s 2020 and there’s really no excuse to not be clued up on what’s environmentally responsible and what’s not; yet there are still many manufacturers of commodities that use an almost comical amount of packaging that’s simply not needed. This also means the consumer is left with a lot of waste that needs to be dealt with. Medway Skip Hire recommends clients keep an eye out for products with minimal and biodegradable packaging, which will make personal waste management much easier while reducing your carbon footprint.

Consider Composting – While some Medway residents unfortunately don’t have the space for a compost bin, those who do should give thought to how one can help. It’s a location you can quickly dispose of your lawn and hedge cuttings, food waste and other compostable items. Most major garden work can make use of professional skip hire, but on a day-to-day basis, a compost heap helps you reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill.

Reuse Bags – This is also a great way to save money, when you consider the recently implemented plastic bag tax! Most plastic bags from major super markets can see a lot of repeated use, providing you don’t overload them weight wise. So when you’re off on your shop around Medway, get in the habit of taking your own canvas bags or the aforementioned plastic bags with you.

Keep on Top of Recycling – Recycling is simple when you have the right system in place. Ensure you have bins or containers that cover glass, tin cans and plastic bottles, and cardboard. Some public bins around Medway will take a mixture, so should you live in a flat or similar property which doesn’t have its own dedicated recycling bins, this system lets you capably handle the weekly drop!

Dealing with larger items, or an abundance of waste, can be tricky without professional help. So call Medway Skip Hire should you need it. Our skip hire solutions are tailored to each individual client.

To discuss the skip hire options we have available, call Medway Skip Hire directly on (01634) 271 945. or (01634) 713 700.